• 20 APRIL – 12 June 2020
    German Online
20 APRIL – 12 June 2020
German Online
Online: 22 June – 24 July 2020
Language: German
Deadline for application: 18 June 2020
Price: Lesson 50.000L / Totali 50.000L

Test Online



Courses are organized in levels for adults and levels for children. Courses are gradual in groups, intensity 2 times a week or intensive in groups, intensity 3 times a week. While individual courses are more intensive 2-5 times a week depending on the preferences and priorities of the client. The duration of the teaching session varies according to the number of students a group can have. The maximum number of groups is 10 students, RLS standard to increase learning opportunities for students. The tests take place after each lesson, as well as every 5 lessons. Students are tested for all sections. The methods we use are the "Schritte and Berliner Platz" and "Zauber Buch" methods for children.

The international German language exams for which RLS prepares the students are: Goethe Certificate, TELC and ÖSD for levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.

Upon completion a certain level, students before the exam conduct preparatory sessions for all parts of the exam rubrics, simulating real exam sessions with the appropriate time and criteria.


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