An online lesson. Teacher "Suela Suku", Upper-Intermediate level. Preparing for the FCE exam.

Modernizing of Education

  • Education has benefited from the inclusion of technology and computers making it easier for students to keep up while helping teachers by improving the way lessons can be planned and taught. Students who use computers learn to use word processors for work, and then they learn technological jargon and strengthen grammar skills. Students can also look up lessons on websites or through emails rather than carrying heavy books with them every day.

  • Improving Student Performance
    Students who use the computer have been shown to attend school more consistently and perform better than students who do not use it. Along with getting higher grades in exams, students also state that they feel more involved with their lessons and work if they use a computer. Using the computer makes students focus more on their homework, in collaborative projects with other students and on their own.

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